About Dr Pautz

About Dr PautzDr Pautz completed a 6 year degree course in Homeopathy at Durban University of Technology. She qualified with her Masters Degree in Homeopathy in 1998 and is a Registered Homeopath with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.  Dr Pautz also belongs to The Homeopathic Association of South Africa. Travelling abroad for 3 years she attended seminars and lectures in her field, wherever possible. She worked for the prestigious Regents College of Homoeopathy in London and after 1 year was promoted to Clinic Manager. Dr Pautz has been practicing in Randburg, Johannesburg for more than 17 years.

Dr Pautz is passionate about finding the cause of illness in her patients and uses holistic approaches to solve their problems.  Tools such as Life Alignment, the SCIO device, and the Quanterra/Rikta are used.  Laboratory Tests are performed where necessary.

How would Dr Pautz treat my ailment?

  • Holistic medicine such as Homoeopathic, Bach Flower Essences or Neurotransmitter Enhancers (all natural) are used to help with any emotional problems such as low self confidence, anxiety, depression or lack of motivation.
  • Investigations will be carried out as to whether vitamin, mineral or amino acid deficiencies are present
  • Allergy and Heavy Metal testing can be performed.
  • Assessments can be carried out as to whether viruses, bacteria, fungi or worms are causing ill-health or fatigue.
  • Dr Pautz finds it hugely beneficial to detoxify the body and mind; she may suggest the 7 Day Purification Program which has been proved to make massive shifts in her patients’ health.
  • House Clearing is also a modality offered.  Do you have a cellphone tower close to your home, does geopathic stress impact your family’s energy levels, do the electrical appliances in your home affect your health?