Acudetox is ear acupuncture used to facilitate the release of chemical and emotional toxins from the body.  5 needles are inserted into each ear for 45 minutes per session.  The well researched points are used to treat addictions, attention deficit disorder (ADD & ADHD), depression, anxiety, panic disorder, bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and it can help you quit smoking.  There has also been great success with menstrual pain.

Dr Pautz is trained by NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) and has had 15 years of experience in detoxifying patients emotionally and physically.  Healing unbalanced emotions along with draining the organs of toxicity with Acudetox is longer lasting than simply treating the symptoms.

Costs: R250 per session.  4 – 10 treatments are recommended.acudetox

Stopping Smoking: Acudetox combined with Homeopathy

Dr Pautz did a dissertation in 1998 using homeopathy to help her patients stop smoking.  She had great success using this modality.  Combining homeopathy with Acudetox will make stopping smoking even easier.

4 – 10 treatments are advised, each session is 45 minutes at a cost of R250 per session.  There is a once off price for 2 bottles of natural medication which are prescribed to reduce cravings. (R265)