• Healthy Porridge
    Millet porridge with dates, nuts, cinnamon & almond milk. Gluten-free, non-GMO.Strong start to the day. 💪🏼Click here to buy: Directions: In a small […]
  • Have you seen the scientific research linking gluten to ill-health?
    The more you delve into this food source the more you will want to seek alternatives…See above image for flour substitutes. Click […]
  • Conscious Collaboration
    We’re bragging about the arrival of new stock for our online shop:Braggs, Therapeutic Teas, Organic Stock. #strongsuppliers #lockdowndelivery Check out Dr Stuarts […]
  • Covid-19 & the Strong Shop
    We deliver all products sold in the Strong Shop throughout the lock down period. We have a strong courier partner who has […]