Testimonial – Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with “multiple sclerosis” early in 2007. My symptoms were a tingling and numbness from my waist down. I still had full movement but no feeling. The diagnosis was made by a Neurologist after numerous tests were conducted in hospital and possible other causes were eliminated. Cortisone was prescribed and I was left to deteriorate and the symptoms become severe. I had increasing pain and my feet were frequently swollen. Treatment was then water tablets, anti inflammatory and pain killers. I was in and out of hospital every four months, spending a week at a time.

Walking became very painful and the drugs became less and less effective. I had also become dependent on alcohol and coca-cola. It was then that I decided to seek treatment from a Homeopath and found Dr Joanne Pautz’s details on the internet. I was very pleased to hear that Joanne believed that she could help me to regain my quality of life and possibly in the long term, conquer the “multiple sclerosis”.
I embraced her recommendations, stopped the alcohol, coke and other bad habits and started the 7 day purification program to clear my system. While the initial stages were difficult, the benefits were soon felt. The pain and swelling eased and I was more mobile. On Joanne’s recommendation, I joined a gym and started regular exercises, something I thought I would never be able to do again. After about a two month of the treatment, Dr Pautz did the first body alignment session on me. I was amazed at the correlation between the “blockages” she found and the traumatic events that I had experienced in my life. Not realizing, I had buried all my painful experiences which had been poisoning my body, even from a young child and this was worsened by the loss of each family member one at a time over the past 10 years, leaving me with nobody, but my immediate family.

Through this time, I have continued to take Dr Pautz medication and the benefits are:-
The pain is now about half of what it used to be. Some days I am pain free
I am able to sleep 7 – 8 hours per night and have more energy
I have lost twenty kilograms in weight and am enjoying my body
I am slowly starting to regain feeling and I now can feel the tops of my legs. Amazing!
My state of mind is so much better
I have a positive outlook on life and am slowly putting my past losses behind me
I have been so blessed to have found Dr Joanne Pautz and I believe as she does, one day soon I will free of “multiple sclerosis”
Don’t ever let doctors tell you that there is no cure

Mrs Sharon Spiller, Blairgowrie, Randburg, South Africa