Testimonial – Chronic Fatigue

My health had been bad for years- a diagnosis of Rickettsia (a tropical germ-based disease – night sweats, pain, extreme fatigue and fuzzy thinking) had brought long-term treatment with tetracyclines which were helpful but ongoing. I continued on antibiotics for about four years, until I developed a serious allergy to them. I was still not 100% recovered. The tropical diseases doctor suggested I try homeopathy.

After I found Dr Pautz, and she started a range of treatments, I found my health increasing to such a remarkable degree that I find it hard to remember how I managed to live in that continual state of exhaustion. I found the energy healing particularly helpful, and got guidance on a spiritual level as well. I reached some remarkable conclusions about my health and my life. That to me was true healing. Thank you so much.

Bronwen Eckstein, Blairgowrie, Randburg, South Africa