Welcome to Strong

Welcome to Strong
Strong is a product line researched and formulated by Dr Joanne Pautz, a registered Homeopath, practicing in Randburg.

The products are a combination of various vitamins, minerals, herbs, tissue salts, homeopathics and bach remedies.

The products are unique as they are presented in a single box where there are a few bottles of various mixtures to help with a specific ailment, for example, Strong Sinus Box includes 4 well researched products to heal congested sinuses. Included in the respective boxes is an information leaflet detailing more information on how to heal your sinuses naturally.  This empowers the buyer to understand the root cause to their symptoms.

Dr Joanne Pautz has found that combining many natural modalities to be more effective than approaching a disease from one perspective. Most often taking one bottle of natural medication is simply not enough to clear the ailment. The boxes are aimed at giving the consumer a holistic approach to their particular ailment.

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